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Thursday, June 12, 2008



1. Merry-go-round ERN0066
Price: RM10
Status: Available
Description: ~~Black round onyx and 4mm swarovski crytsal with 5mm Daisy Bali spacer~~

2. T-bac ERN 0067

Price: RM5

Status: Available

Description:~~6mm chinese crystal pearl with 3mm metal bead~~

3. Vogue ERN 0068

Price: RM 10

Status: Available

Description:~~Black facetted onyx, bali spacer cap and swarovski crystal~~

4. Be Gold ERN 0069

Price: RM10

Status: Limited

Description:~~made from arcylics beads, bali round spacer and swarovski crystal~~

5. Envy green ERN 0070
Price: RM10
Status: Limited
Description:~~6mm cube glass bead - jet black with 4mm swarovski crystal~~

6. Jane ERN0071

Price: RM8

Status: Available

Description:~~Brown colour tiger-eyes with 6mm and 4mm swarovki crystal~~

7. Jude ERN 0072

Price: RM 6

Status: Available

Description:~~Brown colour tiger-eyes with 6mm swarovski crystal~~

Monday, June 9, 2008


New designs on necklace....
Fresh from the OVEN :D
1. Love Lavender NKN013
Price: RM 45
Status: Limited
Description: ~~Short necklace made from amethyst stone and strung together with black beads. Does this piece capture your attention?~~


Hello customers.....New design for bracelets.....
Pick one today!! :D
1. Las Vegas BRN0023
Price: RM40
Status: Available
Description: ~~Flaunt yourself with this beautiful bracelet. It is a very unique piece design that for sure will suit your craze in accessories!! Made from freshwater pearls strung together sterling crafted pieces and butterfly charms~~
2. For EVE BRN 0024
Price: RM45
Status: Available
Description:~~Alternate with black round onyx and amethyst stone. You will definitely lovin'it. Suitable for work as well as after work party... ^@^
3. Bu't'erly ki't'en BRN0025
Price: RM35
Status: Limited
Description:~~Made from tiger-eyes alternate with 6mm swarovski crystal and butterfly charms. Simple yet it is so charming piece~~
4. Mesmerising BRN 0026
Price: RM35
Status: Available
Descriptaion: ~~As beautiful as it sound, this piece is definitely 'Mesmerising'...made from rose quartz, freshwater pearls and butterfly charms. They make wonderful gifts too...~~